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D34M Optima Blue Top
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Optima Blue Top D34M Battery
Optima Blue Top D34M is dual purpose strong cranking and efficient AGM auxiliary battery. Great choice for the serious fisherman or water sports enthusiast but also long lasting and tough enough for any RV, Caravan or 4x4 application.

So why Optima D34M Batteries? Faster charge times, extremely vibration resistant, spill proof guarantees and the ability to sit unused for long periods of time without losing its charge all make great reasons. Also with our spill proof guarantee they can be mounted just about anywhere you like even upside down.

The constant pounding of waves can have reduce normal battery life by years but thanks to Optimas patented spiral cell technology and tightly wound plates you can easily expect up to twice the life of any top brand marine battery. Optima D34M is also a maintenance free battery meaning other than charging it every now and then you never have to maintain or add water to your battery. The sealed case not only makes them spill proof but you dont get the horrible acid build up of other batteries either.

12 Volt 50 Amp
CCA 800 amps
Weight 19.77
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