AGM Deep Cycle Batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat Deep Cycle Batteries) and Conventional Car Batteries may both be lead acid batteries or rely on the same electrochemical reaction but the jobs they are designed to perform are vastly different. If you try to use a deep cycle battery to start your car or putt a conventional car battery in your caravan you can damage your equipment, not to mention it being highly unsafe.

If you're looking for a battery for solar and renewable energy or a battery for camping applications nine times out of ten you're looking for a Deep Cycle Battery. A Deep Cycle Battery or AGM Battery is best for Solar, Camping, Caravan, Camper Vans, Camper Trailers, Motorhomes, Marine, 4WDs, RV's & Off Grid Solar because Deep Cycle Batteries are very efficient energy storage units that allow you to store and use power!

Deep Cycle Batteries work when a chemical reaction occurs that develops a voltage that results in electricity. Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to be 'cycled' (discharged and recharged) many times over, so while a car battery aims to deliver a burst of energy for a short period, a deep cycle battery gives power at a steady rate for an extended period.This means Deep Cycle Batteries are perfect for a range of recreational and commercial applications such as camping, boating and off grid and they are ideal for use in applications where a fast recharge or superior deep cycle performance is required.
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