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D27M Optima Blue Top
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Optima Blue Top D27M Battery
So your heading to the reef or down the creek with the minnkota or maybe towing a board. Whatever your doing on the water you need a battery that wont let you down.

So why the Optima Blue Top D27M? Patented spiral cell technology means 15 times more vibration resistance and this means a lot on the water where vibration kills many batteries.

Optima D27M is gas free and leak proof so it can be mounted in tight fits or upside down and wont corrode your terminals up.

Optima D27M Batteries offer great versatility with dual terminals for any kind of setup. Another benefit of Spiral Cell technology is faster charge rates and the ability to use more of the power available in the battery.

12 Volt 55 Amps
CCA 750 Amps
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